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There is no denying that soup is universally loved. Whether at home or on the go, you can enjoy it in a cup or bowl. Soup is one of the few multi-functional dishes that can be tasted in any environment. Statistics can prove this: According to a 2017 study by Campbell Soup, as many as 95% of the original pioneers of canned soup like or like soup. In this study, millennials became the largest group of self-proclaimed soup fans (64%).

Although nothing is more enjoyable than making your own soup at home, we have listed some places where you can order (or enjoy) a delicious bowl of soup. This list is perfect for those days when you may feel that your time or energy is insufficient.

From fantastic phos to incredible lentil choices, here are some of the best soups in every state based on enthusiastic Yelp reviews. (Also, if you want to buy soup instead of making it yourself, check out the best and worst chicken soup on the shelf-ranking!)

Birmingham Breadworks is located in the historic South End of Birmingham. This is a friendly neighborhood cafe that uses all-natural ingredients to make menu dishes. One of their most acclaimed items includes their vegetarian cream tomato soup, which is made with tomatoes, smoked paprika and cream.

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Located in the center of Anchorage, Snow City Cafe has been serving the community with food since 1998. If you patronize, be sure to try their grilled cheese and creamy tomato soup, which Yelp critics describe as "excellent" and "just right" cold part."

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Flower Child has many branches throughout the United States and is known for its healthy and delicious simple dishes. They take turns choosing soups every day, including the most popular soups such as mushrooms, beef barley, and chicken tortillas. If you find yourself in their jungle, you must try it.

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Hammontree's is all the grilled cheese, but the soup is also very good. Try any of their 15 grilled cheeses with a delicious bowl of soup, including tomato and basil, black bean tortillas, and spinach gorgonzola.

People travel around to taste the incredibly comforting Korean soup that is carefully prepared and prepared by the Korean Bat Snow Dragon Soup. The first choice for restaurant diners is the traditional Korean oxtail soup, but their choice of sirloin, beef bones and beef tongue is also popular. They have more than 2,300 reviews and 4.5 stars on Yelp for a reason.

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Bagel Deli and Restaurant has been making delicious food for decades-in fact, it has been recognized as the best deli in Denver for 53 years, and it is still growing. One of their addictive menu items is their homemade matzo ball soup, which can be bought in a cup or bowl.

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Spicy tomato sauce, golden peas, chicken noodles-you can name the soup, and Hamden’s soup girl may have it in the daily soup rotation. This quaint shop on Whitney Avenue offers 4 different soups every day, which always include vegetarian, vegan, or gluten-free options. One critic praised this place, "The soup is always fresh and delicious; I like every taste I have tried so far. They are always stuffed with stuff, there is no too strong soup here."

Kumamoto ramen veteran chef with more than 20 years of culinary experience has mastered the art of making the most perfect ramen bowl. The restaurant’s main ramen noodles are made with savory broth and hand-made traditional noodles that have been simmered for two days. Critics praised these choices. Some said, “A true gem in Newark, full of choices and flavors. As a vegetarian, I like to have multiple choices. I love meaty husband You can always find amazing things with friends."

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Ajiaco is a traditional Colombian soup made with chicken, potatoes and corn on the cob. It is one of Mondongo's most popular dishes. It goes perfectly with one of their arepas or one of their sweet fried plantains. If you visit Mondongo's, you might post as excited as this Yelp commentator: "I tried ajiaco and it is absolutely amazing! I will definitely order this dish again!"

Inspired by the classic New York kosher deli, General Muir of Georgia makes the best unleavened bread soup in town. A reviewer even took two orders and wrote: "My wife made a delicious Matzoh Ball soup. Don't tell her, but The General Muir's is the best I have ever tasted." Order their vegetarian food. Reubens or double burger can be enjoyed.

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Wagaya means "our home" in Japanese and is a popular neighborhood where you can enjoy a bowl of steaming ramen. Yelp reviewers recommend trying their vegetarian ramen and dumpling soy sauce ramen, although you can't go wrong with any of your dishes. Bonus: Although the broth is not completely gluten-free, they do offer sweet potato starch noodles as a gluten-free noodle option.

A short walk from the Boise River is A Tavola, a bustling cafe and gourmet market that serves delicious sandwiches, freshly made breakfasts and, of course, hearty soups. Every day, some of their most popular signature soups appear on their menu, including tomato orange, watermelon gazpacho and chicken noodles.

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Chicago's Lebanese flavor handcrafted a hearty homemade lentils, served alone or with a fatty salad, will surely make your eyes shine. A Yelp reviewer proudly declared that Lebanese lentil soup tastes "the best lentil soup without a doubt."

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Since 2015, Subito in Indiana has been preparing delicious soups influenced by Italian cuisine. On any day of the week, you can find a variety of nutritious soups and stews, such as broccoli cheddar cheese, classic beef stew, cream sausage tortellini, etc. Check their website ahead of time to see what they are making this week.

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This family-owned and operated soup restaurant was established in 2009 and has created some of the best dishes with a focus on health without being stingy with taste. In Her Soup Kitchen, you can take turns to enjoy nutritious soups, such as tomato okra, mushroom soup, and pasta. Some favorites among Yelp reviewers include gazpacho, poblano corn chowder, and ham and potato soup.

Tanya's Soup Kitchen's handmade small batch soup will warm you up even on the coldest nights. Up to 4 different soup choices are offered every day, which may include extraordinary choices such as tomato puree, chicken tortillas and chicken curry. Each order comes with fresh bread rolls. One critic praised: "The tomato curry soup is very delicious, as is the tomato and basil."

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Chuy's was founded in Austin, Texas in 1982 and has now become one of the most popular Mexican restaurants in the country. In fact, what started as an old barbecue restaurant has now grown into an enterprise with more than 100 restaurants, which is understandable-their food is delicious. One of their most popular soups are chicken tortillas, which contain grilled chicken, corn, green peppers and avocado, which are made fresh every day. One reviewer called it "the best chicken tortilla soup I have ever had. The chunks of chicken, hearty onions, tomatoes, avocados, corn, etc. are very delicious."

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Cafe Amelie in New Orleans prepared a delicious soup for the royal family. In fact, the cafe is named after Amelie Miltonberger, the mother of Monaco's first American princess, Princess Alice. Cafe Amelie is located where Amelie and Alice once lived, and is famous for its beautiful atmosphere. Come for the soup and leave behind the beautiful courtyard view.

What would it be like to travel to Maine without some of their signature clam chowder? Eventide Oyster Company is a typical Portland oyster bar. There is a New England clam chowder filled with potatoes and bacon, which Yelpers can’t eat. Critics describe this seafood-centric soup as "beautiful", "innovative" and "delicious."

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Soup's On is a gourmet soup restaurant in Baltimore that uses fresh produce and aromatic spices to make delicious soups. This family business has a history of more than ten years and has more than 200 kinds of soups. Look forward to a variety of eclectic soups on the daily menu, such as African peanuts, Hungarian mushrooms, chicken noodles and French onions. A reviewer who describes himself as a "hot soup lover" called this restaurant "perfect".

Shio Ramen, Spicy Miso Ramen, Kara Miso Ramen-these are just a few of the long list of popular soups for Hokkaido ramen in the Harvard Square area of ​​Cambridge. Their pork bone soup is made from pork bones that have been stewed for 20 hours, so you know it will be delicious.

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Of course, Ima has many delicious dishes, but soup is the name of the game for this award-winning Japanese-style Detroit restaurant. Indulge in one of their many mouth-watering noodle soups, which include options such as grilled udon, curry udon, lobster udon and vegetarian pho.

This family-owned restaurant in Minnesota has been making delicious Vietnamese dishes since 1989. The customer's favorite is Pho Combo by Quang, which is a delicious bowl of beef soup filled with fresh beef, sirloin, tripe, rice noodles, jalapenos and other fillings.

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Aladdin's red lentil soup is the perfect partner for their falafel and lamb shank platter. One critic called it "a paradise".

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Just taste the delicacies of Vietnamese cafes, and you will quickly understand why they are called the number one Vietnamese restaurant in Kansas City. If you are looking for satisfying lunch or dinner dishes, try their Pho Ga, a rice noodle soup filled with shredded chicken, or Pho Bo Vien, a rice noodle soup filled with beef balls. One commenter gushed: "I personally think that everyone should treat this place as a place for Vietnamese/Thai/Chinese cuisine."

Market on Front in Montana sources ingredients and products for deli shops and markets from local suppliers-which is why all of their menus are delicious, fresh and healthy. Stop to taste their chicken and dumpling soup, which can be placed in a freshly baked ciabatta bread bowl upon request.

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On a major road near Lindenwood in Omaha, I found Railcar Modern American Kitchen, a cozy home-cooked dish that makes all the food from scratch. One must try on their menu is French Onion Soup, a savory soup made with a mixture of grilled chicken soup, white wine and Gruyere cheese.

Las Vegas-the country of neon lights, casinos and... handmade noodles. The culinary art of Merchant Noodles draws on the traditions of Shanxi, a province specializing in wheat cultivation in northern China. One Yelp reviewer wrote: "The best beef noodle soup I have ever had. I came all the way from Boston to eat this, and it exceeded my expectations."

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Seacoast Soups is a quaint New Hampshire restaurant that serves a variety of soups. One of the soups they order the most is their Spicy Thai option, which is described by customers as "good value and delicious". An enthusiastic Yelp reviewer even recounted their experience of trying this mouth-watering dish in their review: "I drank Thai spicy soup and it was amazing. I ate the whole thing. I don’t remember coming up to breathe!"

Is it us, or the diners, the ideal place to enjoy club sandwiches, juicy cheeseburgers or hot soup? Top's Diner, which has been a staple of East Newark since 1942, has prepared a series of delicious soups, such as clam chowder, butter chicken, and fan favorite French onions. After tasting the soup, a commenter exclaimed: "French onion soup is so delicious, I will really go back for the soup! The cheese is sizzling and I want it again."

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Jambo Cafe is a Santa Fe restaurant that offers exquisite African cuisine, including the following. If you check their Yelp reviews (yes, that's a 4.5-star rating), you will find that many of them have one thing in common-their black bean soup is mentioned. The soup made from curry black beans and sweet potatoes, served with pita bread, makes people want to try it.

If you don't try "The Original Soupman" (the inspiration behind the characters of Seinfeld), you can visit New York City. What is that? Almost any soup here is guaranteed to win, but according to Yelp, customers have a special love for their lobster soup.

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Mami's is a lively Peruvian roast chicken restaurant in Raleigh. Its soup is very good and you may become a regular customer. A Yelp reviewer exclaimed: "The chicken is delicious! They also have the best chicken soup and black beans. The staff is friendly and the place is very consistent."

If you want to try some top soups, then you must visit Fargo's Mezzaluna. This exquisite high-end restaurant specializes in Italian cuisine, and it produces delicious soups that complement the cooking shows. As one Yelp critic put it, “We tried appetizers, grilled cheese and tomato soup. It’s like a top chef’s stuff.”

Scotty's Cafe was voted the #1 cafe in Columbus-this is not surprising, because their food is very good. If you find yourself in the area, be sure to order their tomato and basil soup, which one Yelp reviewer described as "die for it!"

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Enjoy sausage and mashed potatoes, potato soup and chilled Guinness beer at Kilkenny's Irish Pub in Tulsa. Their potato soup is loved by customers and is a creamy combination of potatoes, onions, leeks and carrots.

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Paadee's name comes from a Thai phrase which means "bring good things". It is the mainstay of Portland and always serves very delicious Thai food in a comfortable environment. What really stands out is their Tom Kha Gai, which is made from chicken, oyster mushrooms, galangal, spring onions and coriander.

You won’t be upset when dining at the Smiling Banana Leaf in Pittsburgh. Their extraordinary Tom Yum Goong soup, a hot and sour lemongrass soup with spinach and mushrooms, is just one of the many indulgent fresh dishes offered daily. As one Yelp critic said, "Tom Yum Goong soup tastes the best I have ever tasted."

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Hot soup and hearty sandwiches-is there a more perfect lunch combination? Located in downtown Providence, UMelt not only makes full-flavored grilled cheese, but also makes delicious soup. One Yelp reviewer liked this place so much that they wrote: "Oh my God! It's great. I eat here every day! The grilled cheese is great and the tomato soup is a perfect compliment."

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Hook and Barrel is an environmentally friendly restaurant in Myrtle Beach, using local ingredients to prepare impressive seafood-based dishes. The best on the menu is their She-Crab Soup, which is a pleasantly large portion. A Yelp reviewer thought this was the best crab soup they had ever eaten, and said: "The female crab soup you ordered is fresh and the best we have ever tasted."

This local coffee shop and cafe not only brews the best coffee in Sioux Falls, but is also known for its delicious breakfasts and lunches, which include soups, sandwiches and flat breads. Yelp critics especially like their chicken fajitas, tomato basil and chicken quinoa lentil soup.

Customers of Mas Tacos Por Favor in Tennessee insist that this nearby Mexican restaurant has the best soup. For example, one Yelp commenter joked: “The best damn taco soup ever. I will fight any opponents at the American Gladiator Symposium. Thank you.” While another commenter enthusiastically Suggestion: "Order Chicken Tortilla Soup. If you get from the comments listed, order Chicken Tortilla Soup!"

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Wabi House in Texas has prepared a long list of Japanese specialties, including ramen noodles, all presented in an industrial setting. One of their most popular dishes is their Spicy Miso, which a Yelp critic described as: “[The] Spicy Miso is like a bowl of warm heaven. This kind of ramen is found in all other places in the area. Smokes, and it’s not close."

Porcupine Pub and Grille in Utah opened its first branch in 1998, and since then it has become a popular meeting place in the Cottonwood Canyon community. It offers a selection of homemade soups every day, which may include chicken noodles and seafood curry, which is perfect for enjoying after a long day at the ski resort.

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Burlington-the ideal place for a snowy cottage weekend and delicious homemade soup bowls. Simply put, people from all over Vermont really like Zabby and Elf's—as one Yelp critic said: “I like Stone Soup. Love love love love LOVE Stone Soup. This is probably my place in Vermont. Favorite restaurant to go to. Whole Foods ingredients, they have something for everyone!"

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Once you start to visit the top ten, it is difficult to stop. This colorful local building is located in an unremarkable storefront on Shirley Avenue and may become your first choice for soup. A Yelp commentator even came from out of state to experience their soup in person. They wrote: "The soup is rich and delicious. Seasoned with the perfect balance of Parmesan cheese. I flew here from Detroit for this."

With a 4.5 Yelp rating and close to 8,000 reviews (yes, you read that right), it’s no surprise that Pike Chowder is home to the most delicious soup in Washington. Not to mention that they are also known as America's No. 1 hodgepodge destination. Whether you choose their classic New England variant or prefer to try something out of the box, such as their lime and coconut chowder, Pike Place is sure to become a quick favorite. One Yelp commenter emphasized: “The Parker Chowder is great. It turned my fiance who hated clam chowder into a huge fan.”

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Saigon Pho is just a few steps away from the lush core botanical garden. It is the best place to buy a large bowl of Pho in Morgan Town. Yelp reviewers, such as this one, have made this restaurant their first choice: "On such a cold night, I want a big bowl of soup tonight. This is what I got—a big bowl of soup. I like it. Delicious Pho, and it’s really in place."

The Soup Brothers' amazing fire-roasted red pepper soup, a creamy soup with rice and sour cream, has the following characteristics. As one Yelp critic put it, “Their best family specialty is fire-roasted red pepper bisque. This is a soup that makes people love it!”

Is there any more decadent soup than the ever delicious French onion soup? Local restaurants and bars in Wyoming produce an extraordinary French onion that Yelp critics describe as "must!" and "outstanding."

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