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Posted on Tuesday, November 23, 2021, by Devin Gannon on topics, holidays, restaurants

Posted on Tuesday, November 23, 2021, by Devin Gannon on topics, holidays, restaurants

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Although many families cannot meet at Hanukkah in 2020, this year, due to the high vaccination rate, it is possible to get together again. This year's Festival of Lights comes early, from November 28 to December 6. If you plan to cook a hearty meal for Thanksgiving a few days ago and don’t want to do it again, there are several restaurants, bakeries, and specialty shops that offer take-out holiday meals and snacks in New York City. Leave latkes and lox to professionals and place orders with local companies during Hanukkah this year.

Breads Bakery Breads Bakery is more than just babka (although they can only provide this kind of service, we will be very happy!). Located in Union Square, Lincoln Center and the nearest Upper East Side, this bakery offers a special Hanukkah menu that includes festive foods for pick-up and delivery from November 26 to December 5. The menu includes potato cakes with sour cream and apple sauce, various baking sodas, chocolate babka, chocolate rugelach and salads. In addition to picking up, Breads also provides local delivery services, depending on the administrative region.

Carnegie Deli brings the iconic flavors of Carnegie Deli to the table and spends a very New York holiday. The Delicatessen in the Theater District sells a three-course holiday feast for $199. Standards include pastrami, corned beef, mustard, rye bread, mashed potatoes, cheesecake, and black and white biscuits. Carnegie Deli teamed up with The Matzo Project, a handcrafted matzo company based in Brooklyn, to develop their first matzo ball soup bag. Better than Bubbe's Matzo Ball Soup set is priced at US$80 and includes 64 ounces of Carnegie Deli’s homemade chicken soup, four bags of matzo project sea salt matzo chips and Matzo Project’s matzo crumb box, bringing your beloved comfort food to life in 30 minutes.

Daily Provisions Danny Meyer's all-day cafe, Daily Provisions, has once again released the Hanukkah menu this year, offering pick-up and delivery services from November 28th. Products include a la carte items such as fresh fritters with raspberry jam and lemon sugar rolls, chicken soup, latkes, apple butter, matzo balls and special blue and white biscuits. The cafe also sells a Hanukkah dinner set for $125, which has enough food for four people (mattebread soup, latkes, caesar salad with large kale, grilled eggplant, and grilled chicken).

Gertie calls herself a "modern Jewish restaurant and bar." Gertie is an all-day cafe in Williamsburg, offering unique dishes of bagels, pastries, classic New York deli sandwiches and a full bar. This restaurant offers a $50 Hanukkah set menu with enough snacks for four people. Inside, you will find eight latkes and sour cream, four sufganiyot, four black and white biscuits, as well as tops and gelatin. Orders can be picked up and delivered between November 28th and November 30th.

If Katz's Delicatessen did not include Katz's, this Lower East Side restaurant would not be complete. It is famous for its large number of pastrami, corned beef and brisket sandwiches. Their Hanukkah dinner set includes homemade matzoh ball soup, mini latkes, one pound of pastrami, one pound of brisket, one quart of sour kimchi, half a loaf of seeded rye bread, a knife, noodle kugel, mustard and chocolate babka dessert. It costs $160 and can be shipped for free nationwide.

Liebman's Kosher Deli, the icon of the Bronx, is also the only kosher deli in the district. Liebman's Kosher Deli first opened in 1953. Nearly 70 years later, their Kosher classic food continues to inspire. Liebman's is now shipping nationwide through Goldbelly, including a complete cooked dinner ($129 for four and $229 for eight), pastrami or corned beef sandwich set, six packs of pocket knives, and classic kosher appetizers and side dishes (cut Shredded liver, cabbage) rolls, kugels, etc.). The biggest attraction is their famous giant potato pancakes, 8 priced at $89, with apple sauce, which can add to your holiday dinner.

Mile End Deli Mile End Delicatessen is a Montreal-style kosher deli in Boerum Hill, famous for its bacon, homemade hot dogs, sandwiches and other kosher delicacies. This restaurant has a special Hanukkah menu with timeless choices such as potato pancakes (6 pieces for 15 dollars, 12 pieces for 30 dollars) and sufganiyot (a dozen for 34 dollars), as well as twists and turns of traditional products such as buffalo chicken bites and Cutlet fingers (both $25 per pound). The goods can be picked up in the store, and the cost of delivery to the five administrative regions is $15. If you are not a local, Mile End Deli provides a nationwide delivery service through Goldbelly, where you can pack all the goods (such as blanket hot dogs, fried chicken chops and homemade potato pancakes) into one convenient package for $89. Party pack for six.

The Pastrami Queen was described by Anthony Bourdain as selling "real pastrami sandwiches" and since 1956, the Pastrami Queen has been serving some of the best pastrami in the city. Served with Orwashers' rye bread and pickles, it's hard to beat. During holidays and at any time of the year, you can order a variety of delicious foods from Pastrami Queen for delivery via Goldbelly, Toasttab and Seamless, including assorted rugelach, babka bread, knives and 12 packs of latkes.

Russ & Daughters As a symbol of New York City, Russ & Daughters has been providing bagels and smoked salmon for nearly 110 years. Staples in the Lower East Side are selling some holiday takeaway packages, including the $100 Chanukah Essentials kit. The package can be picked up locally and includes 12 potato cakes, whipped cream, a can of wild Alaskan salmon roe, and a pound of Scottish smoked salmon. Russ & Daughters offers similar packages nationwide, which also include applesauce, two bags of chocolate gel and a box of candles. Its cost is US$145.

Sami & Susu Mediterranean restaurant and specialty grocery store Sami & Susi will sell latkes this holiday season. They will be on sale every day from November 28th to December 6th until they are sold out. It can be picked up from their store at 190 Orchard Street and delivered via Seamless, Uber Eats and Doordash. Each latke is priced at $14 and comes with whipped cream and smoked trout roe. If you need to give your host a gift this year, Sami & Susu has holiday packages, including Yuki's Bakery Baba, Seed & Mill's Dark Chocolate and Sea Salt Halva, La Boite Tahini, Canaan Palestine Za'atar, La Boite's Shabazi Spice Mixture, and Lebanese Spice Mixture. Saifan extra virgin olive oil is priced at $70.

Shelsky's in Brooklyn is known for its unconventional style on the classic appetizer and deli counters. Shelsky's in Brooklyn offers an extensive Hanukkah menu for in-store pickup and delivery. From salmon specials and herring fillets to appetizers and side dishes (think smoked white fish salad and homemade unleavened bread soup), to many potato cakes (in addition to the traditional, there are gluten-free and sweet potato and celery root options) ), Shelsky's has everything you need for a festive meal. Of course, you will want dessert. The menu includes homemade rugelach, honey cake, chocolate babka and Hanukkah specialties such as traditional chocolate gel and dark chocolate bark. The deadline for ordering two nights before Hanukkah is November 24. Fortunately, for non-natives, Sierski's ships are spread all over the country.

2nd Avenue Deli Like many on this list, 2nd Avenue Deli is another important institution in New York City. This year, this restaurant sells a $450 Hanukkah feast with enough food for 10 people. There are appetizers, soups, meat platters and the main attraction, latkes. May wish to add some sufganiyot, rugalach, babka and black and white biscuits to your order.

Yonah Schimmel The Lower East Side installation since 1890, Yonah Schimmel is considered the oldest knifemaker in the United States. Although their roasting knife is undoubtedly the best seller, their potato pancakes are also delicious. This holiday, the bakery sells plate-sized homemade potato pancakes. Call the store to make a reservation for local pickup. Yonah Schimmel is shipping its famous knives through Goldbelly, from traditional kasha knives to modern sweet potato and broccoli knives.

Zabar's is a favorite of Upper West Side residents (actually all of New York), Zabar's is a long-term gourmet grocery store specializing in kosher food. Although this shop has everything you need to cook your own feast, Zabar also sells Hanukkah gift baskets filled with chocolate coins, mini candle holders and candles, chocolate babkas, biscuits and more goodies. The "Lot'A Latkes" box costs $119 and includes a pound of homemade hash browns, applesauce, Schicks Hanukkah biscuits and chocolate coins wrapped in gold leaf.

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