Chicago street bars are expected to have hundreds of people patronizing Joliet, IL patch during the parade

2021-11-24 05:46:50 By : Mr. Starry Song

Jollet, Illinois-Friday marks the return of the Jolly Holiday Parade, which means that thousands of people will gather on the Chicago street parade route-those who are hungry and thirsty. This is where Mike and Kathy Trizna come into play.

They have owned Chicago street bars for 17 years.

The annual Christmas holiday parade in Joliet City, always on the day after Thanksgiving, attracts a large audience of Chicago street bars. In an interview with Joliet Patch on Monday, Mike Trizna predicted that Chicago street bars will receive 300 to 400 guests throughout the night.

"It can definitely be more," Trizner commented. "Everyone was here that day because they wanted to have fun."

Seventeen years. The Chicago Street Bar has been run by Triznas for the past 17 years.

"Since we came here 17 years ago, we have to do the right thing," he said. "Kathy and I firmly believe that there is no real competition. The more businesses in the city center, the better for everyone. We all get along well, and we work hard to cooperate."

Trizner said that Chicago street bars have 21 beers to choose from and "another 50 cans and bottled beers." "We have a lot of super local beers."

Examples of craft beer include Will County Brewing, Metal Monkey's products, and Mango is Our Middle Name beer brewed in Wilmington that won the gold medal.

Chicago street bars are ready for the city parade on Friday night. Many specialty foods are for families with children, including mini corn hot dogs, grilled cheese and chicken fingers, hamburgers, cheeseburgers, and poor boys.

For those 21 and older, Chicago Street Pub will offer "adult drinks such as hot chocolate and Baileys".

"We went through hundreds," Trizner predicted.

In recent months, Chicago Street Bar has updated its restaurant menu and added several new options. Trizna said that Chicago Street Pub is now using Whittingham Meats, a small butcher shop in Alsip, to produce corned beef, Italian beef and steaks.

The new items on his menu are:

Trizner said: "The latest and most popular product is this bistro beef melt." "We have never eaten it before. The new menu seems very popular."

To view the entire food menu, please visit the Chicago Street Pub website.

Normally, Chicago street bars host live music events three days a week, unless there is an event at the Rialto Square Theatre.

Last weekend, the Chicago Street Bar hosted the Justice Countryman. On Wednesday night, Arbor Creek will start performing at 7:30 in the evening

"Due to our location and reputation as an original music venue, we have many touring bands contacting us," Trizner said.

Joliet lights up the holiday parade and makes a comeback