Gelatin/Food Grade Gelatin/Halal Food Gelatin

ITEMSTANDARDAppearanceYellow or yellowish granularJelly strength (6.67%, bloom)80-260Viscosity (6.67%, mPa.s)≥ 4.5Moisture (%)≤16Ash (%)≤ 2.0Transparency (5%, mm)≥ 300pH (1%)5.5- 7.0SO2 (%)≤ 0.005Insoluble material (%)≤ 0.1Lead (pb)≤ 2 mg/kgArsenic (as)≤ 1 mg/kgHeavy metals (as Pb)≤ 20mg/ kgTotal bacte

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Gelatine/Food Grade Gelatin/Halal Food Gelatin
AppearanceYellow or yellowish granular
Jelly strength (6.67%, bloom)80-260
Viscosity (6.67%, mPa.s)≥ 4.5
Moisture (%)≤16
Ash (%)≤ 2.0
Transparency (5%, mm)≥ 300
pH (1%)5.5- 7.0
SO2 (%)≤ 0.005
Insoluble material (%)≤ 0.1
Lead (pb)≤ 2 mg/kg
Arsenic (as)≤ 1 mg/kg
Heavy metals (as Pb)≤ 20mg/ kg
Total bacterial≤ 1000 cfu/ g
E.coli/ 10gNegative
Salmonella/ 25gNegative
Paticle size30 mesh

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Packaging Details:25kg/bag Unflavored Gelatin
Delivery Detail:Prompt Specifications
unflavored gelatin powder 
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Gelatine/Food Grade Gelatin/Halal Food Gelatin

product description

Unflavored Gelatin  Details
Gelatin (  Unflavored Gelatin ) is a translucent, colorless, brittle (when dry), flavorless solid substance, derived from the collagen mainly inside pig skin (hide) and cattle bones.

It is commonly used as a gelling agent in food, pharmaceuticals, photography, and cosmetic manufacturing. Substances containing Gelatin or functioning in a similar way are called Gelatinous.

Gelatin is an irreversibly hydrolysed form of collagen, and is classified as a foodstuff. It is found in some gummy candies as well as other products such as marshmallows, Gelatin dessert, and some ice cream and yogurt. Household Gelatin comes in the form of sheets, granules, or powder.


Unflavored Gelatin Applications
Unflavored Gelatin Probably best known as a gelling agent in cooking, different types and grades of Gelatin Gelatin bloom  are used in a wide range of food and non-food products:

Common examples of foods that contain Gelatin are Gelatin desserts, trifles, aspic, marshmallows, candy corn, and confections such as Peeps, gummy bears and jelly babies. Gelatin may be used as a stabilizer, thickener, or texturizer in foods such as jams, yogurt, cream cheese, and margarine;

it is used, as well, in fat-reduced foods to simulate the mouthfeel of fat and to create volume without adding calories.


Unflavored Gelatin Packaging: 25kg/bag or according to client request
Unflavored Gelatin Delivery Detail: 2 weeks after confirm order.Some of the products can be supplied within 7 days on the strength of EDC warehouse.

Gelatine/Food Grade Gelatin/Halal Food Gelatin

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Gelatine/Food Grade Gelatin/Halal Food Gelatin

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